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Motowearhouse offers motorcycle riders an alternative to all other retailers of motorcycle riding gear.



Hi, my name is Randy and Motowearhouse came from recognizing that although there are a lot of good stores, way too many motorcycle shops miss the mark. What I mean by that is they are not like the stores I grew up visiting to get each week’s copy of Cycle News. When you went in, you knew the owner and his staff. They knew you. There was a trust. Its difficult to put into words but if you were around in the 70’s and 80’s, shops like Motowearhouse were much more prevalent than they are today.

I love being a part of the motorcycle community; most of my best friends are in the industry and/or ride. But I got fed up with dealerships having people on staff that didn’t know much or don’t care that much about you either. And on top of all that, they charge way too much. So I started Motowearhouse. A place where motorcycle riders of all types can buy and sell, trade and consign, both brand new and previously enjoyed riding gear.

Good Gear. Good Prices. Good Times with Good People. That’s what we strive for. And there is also one important thing that’s needed from those you choose to work with; integrity. You know what I mean, it’s the extent that a person acts according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold.

Here’s what my last boss, motorcycle industry veteran, former President of the Motorcycle Industry Council and the current President of Scorpion Sports has to say about myself and what we are doing here at Motowearhouse:

Frank Esposito

Frank Esposito

I’ve known Randy in this industry for a very long time and have had the pleasure of working directly with him. I am very pleased about his new endeavor, Motowearhouse. Randy will make a difference because of who he is, what he is doing and most important why he is doing it. He’s not the next guy looking to make a buck in our industry. He cares deeply about looking out for our way of life and the people who choose this way of life. As we are tolerating a more and more transactional world, you can count on Randy delivering a relational world. I am sure his customers will feel the difference that he is about taking care of them in more ways than just selling motorcycle gear. Expect him to care more about who you are than what is in your wallet. That is the Randy Hyden I know.

Enough about me. What is Motowearhouse?

Think of Motowearhouse as the best motorcycle apparel department you have ever encountered. That’s right. Motowearhouse is exclusively motorcycle riding gear. No service department. No bike sales. No hard parts. We focus on providing safety with style and comfort. That means we are the most specialized source for Scorpion helmets, jackets, gloves, pants. We stock more Fast House jerseys, pants, gloves, hats and t-shirts than anyone else in the area.

Motowearhouse also has a superior selection of 6D helmets, Schuberth helmets, LS2 helmets, Lee Parks Designs Deerskin Gloves, Moto-Skiveez Riding Under Garments and Bull-It Covec motorcycle riding jeans than anyone else in all of Southern California. These are our core brands but we can also get you anything your heart desires because we have alliances with every brand of motorcycle riding gear. We can help you research and decide what is best for your needs and you will find testimonials from riders just like yourself throughout this website. Motowearhouse is a community of dedicated motorcycle riders sharing freely what we each have learned in our lifetime.

And perhaps what distinguishes us most of all is that we have previously enjoyed motorcycle riding gear.

Remember, Motowearhouse will buy your gear. Motowearhouse will take gear in on trade. Motowearhouse will also do consignment, with no consignment fee, if you choose to take a store credit!

Come to Motowearhouse because we believe that it must always be a “Win-Win” deal for us all or its no deal at all.

-Randy and Sue Hyden

Randy Hyden Co-founder Motowearhouse
Randy Hyden Co-founder Motowearhouse