XDR Kidney Belt

There are a lot of people in the world who recognize the benefit to wearing some abdominal support for lots of different activities. The XDR kidney belt is functionally no different than those workplace kidney belts that are widely available, but this one improves the proven design with some lower back impact protection as well. Kidney belts are designed to serve a couple purposes for the extreme distance rider. The first is to help keep your kidneys and their neighboring organs protected and the second is to help stabilize your back.

Please know that your kidneys are not connected to any strong structures, but instead are resting inside some fatty tissue. This means that they are easily moved and jiggled around. When out for a ride, your body is put through a large amount of bouncing and jostling. That is if you are hitting rocks and ruts.

A long off-road ride will give your insides a good shaking. This can cause pain and tenderness after your ride. When properly fastened, this often over-looked piece of safety gear reduces the amount of movement to your insides, thus reducing the pain you’ll feel at the end of a long day on your bike. Also, if you are unfortunate enough to have a crash, your kidney belt can help protect you against injuries to that area of your body, such as handlebars to the gut or contact with another rider or bike.

Secondly, the XDR kidney belt helps to aid in the reduction of pain in the lower lumbar area. When out for a long ride, your back will undoubtedly begin to ache. The stress put on an adventure bike rider’s body is unmatched and the back is affected big time. When in the seated the lower lumbar region is the core area of support for your upper body. A kidney belt helps to stabilize your upper body and allows the rider to have maximum leverage over the bike, allowing them to be more aggressive and steer the bike in the direction it needs to go. The support that the XDR kidney belt offers can reduce stress, and strain – and help to prevent further lower back injury, damage, and related pain.

And perhaps most importantly, this kidney belt was designed specifically to be installed into Scorpion Yosemite of Yuma XDR jacket. (Comes standard in the top-of-the-line Yukon jacket.)


  • Heavy monofilament mesh belt resists stretching
  • Two sets of heavy duty elastic allow the wearer to set the degree of tightness and support
  • Overlapping velcro for secure fit and ease of adjustability
  • 3D polyester spacer mesh at back wicks away moisture and allows for air flow
  • Compression molded EVA back panel offers support and additional lower back protection
  • Velcro panels on both sides of the belt are designed for the Kidney Belt to integrate between the liner and outer shell of the Yukon, Yosemite, and Yuma jackets
  • Kidney Belt can be vertically adjusted up to 6” in compatible jackets for correct placement
  • Available in three sizes

Scorpion Kidney Belt
I purchased this belt for back support while riding my Harley. It is comfortable and provides great support just as described. The belt looks and feels durable and should last for a long time.

Dave - Lynnwood, WA