Women’s Apparel

The Scorpion Sport’s women’s apparel that Motowearhouse offers you has always been made to address the ever growing need for real gear for real female motorcycle riders- not just those that choose to be passengers. Patterns designed specifically for the shape size of American women; not the silly “shrink it and pink it” that all too many brands are doing these days.  We at Motowearhouse know very well that there are countless women who ride as so many have expressed frustration to us about the lack of clothing that reflects the empowerment and pride that comes with being independent. Ladies motorcycle jackets and pants that allow for the freedom of movement! Fortunately Scorpion has changed all that for the better by listening, and developing these apparel pieces with women who log more miles than most men. These experienced riders helped bring to you leather jackets that offer protection and style like the Vixen and the Catalina. Textile jackets that are lightweight and comfortable without sacrificing security like the Maia, the Verano and the Dominion. And for then there is the ADV gear for ladies who do it in the dirt -the waterproof but breathable Zion jackets and pants. Gear for the goddesses who know that a great ride doesn’t really come from just riding on the back of the bike. This is real gear, for real women, at a realistic price.

Scorpion Catalina Leather Jacket From Motowearhouse

Scorpion Catalina Leather Jacket

Effortlessly stylish without sacrificing safety; that’s what the Catalina Jacket is really all about. Not only does it provide safety on the ride, it looks incredibly stylish off the bike as well.


SAS-TEC Armor From Motowearhouse


Motowearhouse sells the finest armor made; SAS-TEC. It’s made in Germany and employs an “intelligent” foam to provide the best possible impact protection. 

The CE-approved intelligent foam used in SAS-TEC armor functions progressively by adapting it’s level of impact absorption proportionally to the force of the impact.