Women’s Accessories

Motowearhouse offers you a complete selection of the entire collection of Scorpion Sports women accessories. Everything from EverClear no-fog face shields to EverHeat thermal jacket liners to women’s Sas-Tec body armor- we have it all. Speaking of Sas-Tec, Scorpion has always used Sas-Tec armor in every piece of women’s apparel since day one and now that special protection is sold separately so that you can retrofit any woman’s jacket or pants to the superior safety standard of Sas-Tec offers. These armor pieces are lightweight, very pliable and have sort of a soft “squishy” feel to it. And these shoulder pad’s, elbow pads, hip pads and back protectors are cut specifically for the unique shape of a woman, which makes it not just extremely protective but also extremely comfortable. Safe. Secure. Sexy. That’s Scorpion.

Scorpion Catalina Leather Jacket From Motowearhouse

Scorpion Catalina Leather Jacket

Effortlessly stylish without sacrificing safety; that’s what the Catalina Jacket is really all about. Not only does it provide safety on the ride, it looks incredibly stylish off the bike as well.


SAS-TEC Armor From Motowearhouse


Motowearhouse sells the finest armor made; SAS-TEC. It’s made in Germany and employs an “intelligent” foam to provide the best possible impact protection. 

The CE-approved intelligent foam used in SAS-TEC armor functions progressively by adapting it’s level of impact absorption proportionally to the force of the impact.