Consignment Program

Motowearhouse buys and sells, trades and consigns, new and used motorcycle riding gear.

Our consignment program is available for most types of riding gear. That means motorcycle jackets, pants, boots, gloves for street and off-road use.

We also sell new motorcycle helmets but for liability reasons, we can not sell used helmets. However, we do buy factory direct and have some incredible values that are up to 50% off suggested retail.


If you would like to come into the store and offer to us your dirt or street motorcycle riding gear, you will be asked what you want for the item. That being said, please know that pricing used items sometimes is a little tricky and there really is no black and white formula. However we do have a few suggestions that may help you sell your gear fast!

The pricing percentages listed below are suggestions based upon working in the motorcycle industry since 1985, but it’s your stuff- you make the call. Please remember that there needs to be price set that reflects what a person can buy it for elsewhere. Sounds obvious, but take a few minutes to determine the current street price of your item. If its “like new”, if your item is still a current model, BRAND NEW with tags and packaging, then we we suggest pricing at 70% of the current lowest retail price found online.

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If your item is still current and near-new, we suggest about 40% to 50% of the best “street price”.

If it is near-new in condition, but now an obsolete style, then it might bring around 30% to 50% of its original retail price. Really depends on what it is.

Items that are well used, or have some crash damage really won’t have much value. Probably not enough to make it worth (our collective) while. Therefore you might want to consider donating it or auctioning it off on eBay.

There are a few exceptional products that will bring good money even if they are older or an obsolete style: Vanson, Schott, or other leathers that are “vintage” or special interest might still move. Boots are pretty timeless, so non-current is a-ok.

Regardless if you choose to use Motowearhouse as the means to selling the gear, you do have to remember that there seems to be a ceiling on the maximum price people will pay for a used item… no matter what brand or what condition. Just what it is.

My belief is that the ceiling is caused by the fact that folks can buy good new gear at a reasonable moderate price point, and won’t pay more for a premium used item. Think about it this way; Motowearhouse has some really good deals on brand new stuff and of course many other shops do too. Everyone is looking for the best value and it’s out there because its really competitive. Also, buyers of used gear are by nature bargain hunters and there is a limit to what they’ll pay just on principle.



For a leather jacket, it is about $250, for a textile jacket or pants, about $100, leather pants, about $150, boots, about $100 for a touring or street boot and about $200 for a race boot (or other specialty boot), ordinary leather gloves, about $40 and premium gloves, about $100. Basically 50% off new.

So again, when you submit an item to us, you’ll be naming the price you think it will sell for. When we review the price you are wanting, we’ll check the pricing, and if we think it is a bit off, we’ll let you know. Ideally, you’ll pick a reasonable price, we’ll agree, and then your item will sell right away to a customer that also thinks it’s good deal. However sometimes we do have other products just like your’s already in our stock. It happens. And we both have to be mindful of that. In-store duplications create unique challenges. We will discuss the potential of selling your product and if both of us are in agreement then Motowearhouse puts in the store for a 60 day time period. After then we can talk about it’s likelihood of selling. You can adjust the price. You can take it back. You can also donate it to be sold on eBay with the proceeds going to charity. All that will be covered when you come in.


“I’d like to make a lower offer on a consignment item. Can you do it?” We will reply, “All the prices are set by the seller.” (Of course sellers are free to lower prices anytime they want if their goods aren’t moving as fast as they’ve hoped.)

We have decided to not try to broker offers from buyers. We found it puts us in an awkward position. When presented with lower offers, sellers get concerned we might encourage lower prices in order to sell their goods faster but at their expense. Even worse, some might suspect we’d already sold an item but wanted to increase our margin by fabricating a “lower offer” scenario. It’s really just human nature to suspect anything that reduces the amount a seller gets that they cannot verify.

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When shoppers consider buying consignment items, we want them to know the commissions we charge sellers for moving their used items are minimal, and that we pre-screen items to make sure that the prices are reasonable even before we accept them for sale here. Also, we provide buyers with the service of having inspected all the items before they are sold. Motowearhouse offers the service of offering previously enjoyed products as a benefit to both the buyer and the seller. Buyers get good deals on good products and can try on several used products to make sure the condition and fit will meet their expectations. That’s just not possible online and it takes a lot of a person’s time running around with Craigslist. With Motowearhouse’s previously enjoyed products, you can have a professional in-store buying experience.


You have the benefit of not having to deal with people calling, setting an appointment and not coming over. It sucks because your time is valuable. Then you never know if they are going to try and rip you off. There are inherent risks by selling something on Craigslist that we eliminate for you.

Now if you have read this far, you must be wondering what the cost is? When the item is sold, you will get the selling price minus the commission as follows:

  • Store Credit Option: 0%. (We will make our profit when you apply the credit to your next purchase at Motowearhouse. And that product is sold at MSRP- no additional discounts will apply.)
  • Cash Option: 30% consignment fee. I.E. The product sells for $100.00, you collect $70.
  • If you want to sell outright or trade the gear in on something new, we can do that too. Immediate gratification is fine with us!

It only makes sense that you sell motorcycle apparel items similar to what we sell in our store. We don’t sell hard parts. Motowearhouse sells jackets, pants, suits, boots and gloves for men or women.

Generally speaking, the items need to be of the brands we sell like Alpinestars, Scorpion, Fox, Shift, Fly etc. We’ll also are happy to sell more obscure but interesting quality brands like Vanson, Schott, and Dainese. Quality leather boots with minimal wear, high-end gloves, and pants are all especially good sellers.


NO DIRTY LAUNDRY. Items must be clean and odor free.
We can’t resell items that are dirty, that smell, or that are covered in pet hair. Smoke smell is not a deal breaker but know that many people don’t dig the smell and therefore makes it harder to sell.

We don’t sell gear that has experienced damage from a crash or is otherwise flawed significantly.
We don’t repair and nobody wants to buy stuff that they’ll have to fix, or is unsafe.

We don’t sell helmets from individuals,
even if they are still new in the box. We may offer scratch and dent, open box helmets directly from a distributor. Nothing personal, it’s a liability issue.

We won’t sell no-name inexpensive cruiser gear.
Good examples are black leather Marlon Brando jackets, chaps, etc from Pakistan (or similar).

We won’t sell relatively inexpensive “house brands”
from various stores such as Bilt by Cycle Gear, Sliders by Competition Accessories, XElement by Leatherup, etc. These products are relatively inexpensive with marginal quality.

Items that have a value of $50 or less
are generally not valuable enough to make it worthwhile for all concerned.

We are not accepting electrical goods
(communication kits/heated clothing) for re-sale. Just no way to know if the product will continue to be working down the road.


At Motowearhouse it has to be a “Win-Win” or its No Deal.


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