Moto-Skiveez Comfort Undergarments – Shorts

The most technically advanced undergarment available for motorcycling, Moto-Skiveez® from Motowearhouse innovative designs will improve your riding comfort.

Moto-Skiveez® are engineered specifically for motorcycle riding utilizing the latest technology in bicycle short design. They were developed at the TMF research facility in Verona, Italy. TMF employs thermal imaging camera systems placed between the rider and the saddle. This technology measures body temperature in the prostatic/ischiatic/perineal /inguinal area.

TMF also uses computerized sensors that reveal pressure applied at the points of contact to enable and determine the correct type of material to be applied. This technology has directed us to develop three distinct garments for different riding styles. We have defined those styles as; SPORT, a forward leaning position experienced on sport bikes, ADVENTURE, an upright position experienced on most dual sport or dirt bikes and CRUISER, a relaxed position.

My husband loves his Moto Skiveez, owning several pairs for his long distance travels, and I have been waiting for a women’s version to arrive (must you call them “Lady Skiveez” rather than Women’s Skiveez..?) I treated myself to a pair for Christmas and wore them for a 100 mile ride on New Years Day. I often used to wear cycling shorts under my jeans when riding my bike, for padding and extra warmth, but these are definitely better, comfy and well made.
Isabelle – January 18, 2016

Moto-Skiveez Sport

The Moto-Skiveez Sport pad for the sport bike style is comprised of five layers. It’s construction includes a base malinga cloth, three different foam types and a silver ion infused covering.

It is specifically engineered for the forces exerted by quick accelerations, firm braking and severe cornering experienced with today’s sport bikes.

The padding in the main contact area for this design has seven herring-bone impressions. There are three pad strips in each of these leg extensions to give inner thigh comfort when the rider grips the fuel tank with their legs. Because the rider is in a more aggressive and forward leaning position, firmer foam is used in the front of the pad where the buttock padding ends and the inner and lower thigh padding starts.

Moto-Skiveez Adventure

The Moto-Skiveez® pad for the Adventure style is the most complex of all Moto-Skiveez designs. It is comprised of a base malinga cloth, three different types of foam and a silver ion infused covering.

This pad is engineered to provide comfort and functionality for a multitude of riding styles. This pad is designed for the rider to move from seating to standing and shift from forward to rearward on the seat. The padding in the seating area of this design has multiple densities formed with both concave and convex elliptical curves. This feature provides added comfort as the rider moves forward and back.

One of its primary functions is to provide comfort for long hours adventure-touring, testing the abilities of the modern dual sport motorcycle to corner at high lean angles as well as ride off road.

Additionally this design features two padded extensions, positioned on the inner thigh of each leg. These extensions have vertical padded ribs with ventilation openings. This is to counteract friction and chafing from repeated standing and seating experienced by aggressive off road riding.

Moto-Skiveez Cruiser

The Moto-Skiveez Cruiser pad is comprised of five layers; a base layer of malinga cloth, three different foam densities and a top covering infused with silver ions to inhibit bacterial and fungal formation.

It is manufactured with the firmest foam molded into an elliptical shape under the tail bone area and the left & right pelvic bones.

The front of the pad is contoured to extend forward on both sides in half-elliptical protrusions to fit under the bottom of the legs.

With more pressure on the tailbone area due to the legs being forward, this pad shifts pressure adsorption from the inner thigh to the center of the buttocks and lower thighs.

Also this pad is contoured to add comfort across the entire seating area. Because of this, this design serves as a universal comfort garment. It performs quite well for passenger riders as well as ATV riders.

Lady Moto-Skiveez

The Lady Moto-Skiveez® employs the latest in bicycle pad technology. Developed in Italy, this new technology creates a multi density pad using only a single layer of proprietary foam. The pad is attached to a breathable, lightweight undergarment specifically designed for the female anatomy. This garment is comprised of two different fabrics. The first fabric is chosen to allow moisture transfer. The second is a mesh fabric selected for its breath-ability. The use of different fabrics creates a base garment that is optimized for moisture management and breath-ability.

This universal Lady design is engineered to improve comfort in most riding positions.

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