We all ride our motorcycles for very personal reasons. It may be that you feel free when you ride. Perhaps the excitement of going fast makes you come alive. Possible its because you enjoy the time with friends. I could keep going on because think there are as many reasons to ride as there are riders but I won’t. You know why you ride and that’s all that matters.

What Motowearhouse has done is tried to create a few t-shirts that display the essence of riding and to do it without using words because words really cannot describe the experience. (plus there are already a lot of t-shirts with branding on them) And because there are different ways to encounter motorcycling, we asked work famous artist Marc Almera to do 3 different illustrations to portray the lifestyle that many motorcyclists are passionate about.

The first one we collaborated on was for the riders of American V-Twins (shown above). We didn’t want it to be like anything else out there, so we started thinking about what bikers are into? Tattoos came to mind. I think those appreciate American Iron also value traditional designs and in my mind Sailor Jerry’s style of ink is the standard of vintage tattooing. So we started there. Then we thought about the lines of an Indian Chief and art nouveau. How could we combine the flowing lines and the power of a Big Twin? What classic tattoo fits in with this? A panther! Thousands of service men from World War II and the Korean War permanently put panthers on their arms. So, Marc drew up an excellent modern version incorporating all that into a unique timeless piece of art.

Motowearhouse Street Bike T-shirt

After we finished up that one, we started talking about sport bikes. And we recognized that these types of riders had essentially a fighter jet between the legs. That got us picturing the Blue Angels and aerial acrobatics and how a skillful rider can whip the bike around like a pilot. With that in mind, Marc drew a bike banked in a corner with a graphic display of circles to depict the breaking the sound barrier. The use of negative space comes from his previous designs that attracted me to him in the first place. There’s a “jet-set” or “international man of mystery” vibe going on that’s not found on any other motorcycle shirt design around today.

Motowearhouse Dirt Bike T-shit

Lastly, we needed to do a shirt for dirt bikes. Marc said he had been thinking about this one since we began the collection and he sent over an image he did that looks like it would have been on a Hang Ten or OP Design shirt in 1980. You know those shirts that said to the world what it was like to be young and alive in Southern California? The shirts all the cool guys wore with their Van’s shoes and 501 jeans? Yeah. It’s kind of a cliché now but if you were a teenager in the late 70’s or the early 80’s, you know what it told the world. This was extreme sports long before the corporate suits put a label on it. Back in the day, motorcycle racing at Southern California’s great places and great races attracted the attention of the world. Deserts and mountains were open and inviting. I believe that nothing will ever erase those great days and the badasses who made it cool. So, we did this design of a rider wheeling back to the truck after riding all day in black and brown.

That’s how these shirts came to be. Now here’s why:

All the money we get for these shirts will go to help an online life recovery program called A Attitude of Gratitude. What A Attitude of Gratitude does is help people realize that recovery from drug, alcohol, sex, gambling addiction (and many others) is not just about abstinence but opportunity. This is done by using the proven 12 Step method presented in a different but complimentary way to traditional methods. The result of going through this process is a spiritual awakening that is unique to every person but shares the common effect of gratitude. Motowearhouse thinks that we all have something to be grateful for, not just those who have turned their life around from a hopeless situation. These t-shirts display to others one of the reasons why we appreciate life. I have never been bummed while riding a motorcycle and am grateful for the people and experiences that have come about because of motorcycles. If you think the same way, buy a shirt for yourself and one for a friend too because it always feels good to ride and it always feels good to help someone out.

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