Motowearhouse has acquired a great deal on some of Scorpion’s non-current Assailant Leather Jackets. These where discovered in the warehouse long as they had been put aside due to a slight discoloration around the collar. This in no way affects the quality of the jacket but it certainly lowers the price for you.

The Assailant jacket from Scorpion is made for sport riding. Of course the styling definitely says this is a jacket for the sport bike rider, but the fit is where you really get the idea. The whole jacket fits snug and trim. That being said, I’m not exactly a trim guy and I really liked how the jacket fits. It’s a nice fit for the typical American sport bike rider’s body.

The arms are pre-curved and rotated forward very much like a race suit. But the jacket is still very comfortable and flexible because of the stretch panels in the sleeves and there are large accordion-style leather stretch panels along each side of the torso. The sleeve length is proportionate all the other dimensions and the ends of the sleeves have a neoprene panel just above the wrist which makes them extremely comfortable when the wrists are flexed back (the position you’d be in when on a bike).

In addition there is neoprene on the collar, again for greater comfort. (This neoprene affected the leather and caused the discoloration). You’ll notice the oversize pocket zippers on the front which adds function. If you open those zippers part way down from the top and you open up vents which are situated behind. And then pull the zippers all the way down and you can reach into some internal pockets for storage. There are also some small perforated panels on the sleeves and in the collar bone area and also in the underarms. These perf areas will admit some air to make the jacket breathe a bit, but I don’t think they’ll admit so much that you are overly cold in the winter.

Speaking of winter, this jacket comes with a full sleeve thermal liner. The liner’s sleeve ends have knit cuffs on the ends to keep the wind out. The armor in the jacket is S.A.S. Tec for the shoulders and elbows and there is a simple foam back pad.

If the jacket interests you, just click here for more information and how to buy.


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