Motowearhouse now carries the full line of Lee Parks Design Gloves. Both the short-cuff DeerTours and the full-gauntlet DeerSports, which use a high grade of deerskin on the palm and elk skin on the back. These premium gloves are hand-made in the U.S. from the best Grade-A deerskin available, which we are told is so soft and supple that approximately 90 percent of it is exported over to Italy to make wealthy ladies’ purses. But make no mistake: this stuff is good and tough. Tougher than even cowhide in a slide, and deerskin won’t shrink or stiffen when wet like cow leather does.

All of Lee Parks gloves fit nice and snug; just like a good motorcycle glove should. The gloves are tight enough to stay on your hand in a crash, and they offer enough dexterity to easily fasten a helmet clasp and precisely manipulate handlebar controls while wearing them. No more fumbling or whipping gloves off for every little thing. And once they are warmed up, they can even operate the touch-screen on a smart phone. The lack of a vulnerable seam on the palm where the thumb meets the rest of the glove means there is one fewer critical failure point. You see, the Lee Parks DeerTours have exactly four seams, and none of them traverse the palm. Then each and every glove is flipped inside out and each seam is trimmed and ironed to alleviate any pressure points while riding.

For an added measure of durability and safety both the seamless palm and the top knuckle area are treated with an double layer of material. The glove is assembled with dual-duty thread throughout, which provides remarkably strong seams that won’t cut through leather like Kevlar thread does.

These fine gloves can be periodically hand-washed with Woolite or a mild detergent and then air dried, which will ensure they stay soft and pliable. Don’t be surprised for a single pair to last for years on end and these gloves tend to get better with age as they form completely to your hand. Available in black-and-tan or all black color options, in sizes ranging from XXS through XXXL. Lee Parks gloves run on the big side, so don’t be surprised if you need to go down a size from what you’d normally wear.

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