Motowearhouse was somewhat surprised by the Scorpion EXO-GT920 helmet when they first saw it. Why? It’s a modular helmet that could easily be mistaken for a full-face helmet. The EXO-GT920 feels solid and it has absolutely none of the typical flip-up helmet creaking and groaning noises when you move that rotating flip-up visor up or down.

The EXO-GT920 has a super-plush interior, with very thick padding. That makes it both comfortable and helps minimize wind noise. Wearing the GT920, with its snug fit and nicely padded interior, seems indistinguishable from wearing a full-face helmet and that was one of the goals for Scorpion in this design. Motowearhouse has to agree that this helmet has the features of a modular helmet with the low profile and sleek design of a race helmet.

The GT920 helmet shell comes in 3 sizes to span the head size range, which is uncommon for a flip-up in this price range. Since the helmet is snug on the sides due to the thick cheek pads, you may have to go one size up. The internal shape is just slightly narrower than neutral on top but the tight cheek pads make it narrow along the bottom half. Motowearhouse recommends that anyone with a square jaw or round head may likely have to order one size up in the GT920. We can swap cheek pads around if needed as well. Please call us if you have any questions.

The face shield on the GT920 is anti-fog and anti-scratch coated and the anti-fog coating does work effectively. With the face shield closed, the eye port is tightly sealed with a gasket that presses against the back of the face shield to eliminate any water entry. The drop-down internal sun visor operates with a slider located on the upper left, just behind the back of the face shield.

The helmet provides very good peripheral vision. In fact, it seems easier to do an “over the shoulder head check before making a lane change” with the GT920 than with other flip-up helmets we have worn, so there is a definite safety advantage here.

Ventilation is usually where low to mid-range flip-up motorcycle helmets fail; not so with the EXO-GT920. The chin vent is a large single rocker that’s very easy to locate even when wearing gloves. This vent also directs air through the top of the chin bar for defogging. The vent on top of the helmet is a large single rocker, so it is also easy to find and operate. It brings air in through two large holes through the EPS and the key here is the molding design, which has big channels to direct the air over the rider’s head. Also, the moisture wicking liner is open along the top so it allows the air to move very effectively along the top of the helmet.

Overall, this is an excellent design and the GT920 actually has better ventilation across the scalp than most full-face helmets. Of course with all that air flow there is some added noise when the top vent is open. However the helmet becomes very quiet with the top vent closed. The rear Venturi exhaust vent is the always open.

The very generous padding and the snug fit along the sides help the aerodynamic shell make the GT920 quieter than most modular helmets. Even quieter than some sport helmets. The helmet also comes with an owner-installed chin curtain, which helps to control noise from underneath.

This GT920 in size XL weighs 3 lbs. 14ounces, which is not uncommon for modular helmet but the snug fit and good aerodynamics work together so it doesn’t feel heavy at all when riding.

In conclusion, the Scorpion EXO-GT920 is an excellent all-around helmet and the price of $209.95 is very reasonable considering the overall quality and styling. What say you? Please let Motowearhouse know what your experience has been with your Scorpion EXO-GT920 helmet.

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