Motowearhouse recognizes that even though the Scorpion EXO-T510 is aimed at the sport-to-touring rider it is also a great helmet for a commuter. In fact its a good choice for most any rider as it incorporates significant features that are not found on any other helmet in it’s price range.

The EXO-T510 helmet’s polycarbonate shell comes in 3 different sizes across the size range; something that is only done on helmets costing much more because of the added tooling costs (A manufacturer has to make another helmet mold so many just use 2 shell sizes.) The benefit is a more precise fit and less overall weight. Also, more variety in shell sizes makes for potentially a better fit and less chance of ending up with a over-sized and heavy helmet. The internal shape on the EXO-T510 is an “intermediate oval” so it works well for many riders. Inside there is a proprietary “KwikWick II” liner material used which is a smooth moisture wicking material that’s very comfortable and feels good against the skin. The anti-microbial liner is fully removable and washable.

Weight of the Scorpion EXO-T510 is a reasonable 3 and half pounds which is not too bad considering this helmet has an internal sun visor and an AirFit Pump system – features that many other helmets simply do not utilize.

The AirFit liner system in the T510 is an ingenious design which employs small air bladders behind the cheek pads. These manually-operated “air pumps” can help improve fit if one is between sizes or needs adjust/ augment the fit as the padding in the liner breaks in over time. There are also emergency pull loops present on the underside of each of the cheek pads. These loops allow emergency response workers to remove the pads easily out of the helmet, facilitating helmet removal without causing additional trauma to any possible head and neck injuries. It’s an important feature that comes only on helmets costing much more. Kudos to Scorpion for utilizing this important safety feature featured also on the race series EXO-R410, EXO-R710 and EXO-R2000.

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