Motowearhouse is proud to offer you the Bull-It SR6 motorcycle riding jeans. These riding pants are like no other riding jeans on the market. See, the SR6 standard means that these jeans will withstand at least six seconds of sliding on a rough surface (according to the CE EN 13595-1 standard). Compare this with 1.4MM cowhide’s 5.8 seconds of abrasion resistance, and you’ll agree that the Bull-it SR6 Jeans set a higher standard. We’ll get into the details of all that later but first let’s have a look at the Bull-It SR6 jeans and the Bull-It SR6 Sahara Cargo jeans. These pants offer the same internal protective features and the same amount of Covec Liner Coverage so I’ll go ahead and point out the style differences first.

The Bull-it SR6 Jeans have a regular fit with approximately 0.5″  to 1″ of flexibility in the waist. These straight leg jeans will fit inside or over boots and have a water repellent finish which you will likely appreciate if ever caught in the rain. These pants have the standard five pockets with a coin pocket set inside the right front pocket. The denim is very soft and pliable and the blue fabric has a lightly faded wash look.

The Bull-it SR6 Cargo Sahara jeans are constructed with 12.5 oz. tan-colored twill (they are also available in black) and have a pocket on each thigh. These pockets each use two patches of hook-and-loop for closure making them useful for wallets, mobile phones or anything you prefer not being in your front or back pockets. The Cargo Sahara pants have a lighter feel and the interior mesh lining is a dark brown color to coordinate with the tan color of the outer shell.

Both of the Bull-It jeans described here share several construction similarities. For example, they all use YKK zippers for the main entry; metal on the SR6 jeans and plastic on the Cargo Sahara pants.

They also share a polyester mesh liner that sits between you and the layer of Covec textile lines 60% of the interior. It feels relatively soft and pliable and seems surprisingly average considering what this fabric is capable of withstanding. And one of the many things that the team here at Motowearhouse likes about the Covec protective liner in the SR6 jeans is that it stops several inches above the leg cuff opening. This makes it easy to hem the legs if required for a more personalized fit. That may or may not be needed as both pants are available in 30”, 32” and 34” inseams.

The stitching doesn’t truly show how complex the construction is from the outside. For example the main seam appears to be just an average double stitch, but it turns out the edges of the fabric panels are folded over underneath and triple-stitched which means the stitches are protected in the event of a crash. This is method of joining seams is common in premium motorcycle racing leathers but is pretty far above average for riding jeans. The polyester mesh lining is very smooth and comfortable against the skin and does a good job of disguising all of the various seams and protective layering going on between the shell and the mesh lining. Also the pants have pockets for both knee and hip protectors. (Riders who want to use the hip pockets may also want to go up in waist size to accommodate the additional girth.) Unlike some other motorcycle jeans, there are no additional seams crossing the legs above and/or below the knee, so these are pretty stealthy.

The protectors Motowearhouse offers are soft and they’re very flexible, as long as it is flexed slowly. Strike the material hard and the flexibility disappears, making it protective when it is needed.

Washing the SR6 jeans is pretty easy, just turn them inside out and wash in warm water. And like off-road textile riding pants, we suggest that you hang dry, do not put them in a dryer, as they might shrink being that they are made of denim.

So if you want to protect yourself from the waist down when you ride your motorcycle, and prefer not to wear leather pants, you should seriously consider the Bull-It SR6 riding jeans. Even with the increased coverage of the Covec material, these jeans feel much looser and more natural – more like plain denim – than any of the other riding jeans we have seen over the years. This is likely due to the fact that the Covec floats inside of the denim rather than being completely stitched to it. Regardless what the reason, when off the bike and walking, the SR6 jeans are indistinguishable from regular jeans.

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