If you’re looking for some unique t-shirts designs, Motowearhouse has a lot of them. But then again, there have always a lot of unique t-shirt designs. You may be old enough to remember that in the late 1960’s, the T-shirt became a means of self-expression as wearable art as well as to convey commercial advertising, souvenir messages, and to make a statement of protest. Motowearhouse has many designs that convey the message that you are unique. And even though pretty much every human being in America owns a t-shirt, these designs show the world that you are an original and don’t follow the crowd.

Ever since 1913 when the T-shirt was first included as standard-issue gear in the U.S. Navy, the short-sleeved crew neck has become an essential part of the American wardrobe. Over the years, the T-shirt has been adopted as the unofficial uniform of workers across the country, from mechanics and miners to farmers and factory workers. And then Hollywood puts icon stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean in t-shirts.

If you think about it, it was pretty radical for its time as most stars still wore suits and ties in the movies. So of course those rebellious teenagers had to have a way to proclaim that they are different from their parents. Now, young and old show the world who they are by slogans and icons printed upon their shirts. T-shirts sure have come a long way since they became go-to top for dockworkers, farmers, miners and other workers who appreciated the comfortable lightweight cotton and short sleeves.

Some of the more notable shirt designs over the decades include the yellow happy face T-shirts that reminded people to “Have a Nice Day. Then there’s the Rolling Stones’ “tongue and lips” logo. And of course the legendary “I ♥ N Y” or any of the “I ♥ ____” variants had their season of popularity.

So maybe the slogans are not just a way of being different but a statement as well. People wear the t-shirt design they do to proclaim their identity and affinity with what they like. It would be impossible to offer every t-shirt design available but Motowearhouse has assembled a collection of t-shirt designs that allows you to slip into something comfortable, something that’s different from what’s available in most stores, and for you to be you.

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