Motowearhouse has some really cool bowling shirts. Now of course you may be thinking, “What’s so cool about a bowling shirt? Isn’t it a just a specific style of shirt that is associated with the game of bowling. Yes, it is box-cut and short-sleeved with a button-up front, pocket, and has a small lay-flat collar.

What distinguishes a bowling shirt from all other box-cut shirts is the use of color. Bowling shirts have distinctive, stark, 2-color block patterns that give them a retro 50’s look. Classic bowling shirts are never patterned in anything but solids with heavy solid lines or contrasting piping used as an accent.

A shirt patterned in paisley, polka dots, plaids or prints, is not a classic bowling shirt, even if the cut is the same. Contemporary bowling shorts are available with screen-printed backs, similar to the many designs you would see on printed tee shirts but Motowearhouse has chosen to go with the more traditional designs.

In the 1950’s teens made bowling shirts hip, even outside the lanes, wearing them to malt shops, dance hops, and football games. Today, bowling shirts are still very recognizable and remain a part of our history and pop culture.

Perhaps it was bands like the Stray Cats in the 80’s or Reverend Horton Heat in the 90’s that brought bowling shirts back into style. Certainly if you have ever gone out to see one of the shows you also saw plenty of people in the crowd wearing traditional bowling shirts. Maybe it was also the Harley Davison riders seeking a style that echoes the classic look of their American Iron.

It could also be that bowling shirts offer the person who prefers to wear t-shirt by day a little more upscale way to dress for a night on the town. Regardless, the classic look of a bowling short has endured through the decades while other fashions have come and gone.

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