Did you know that the owner of Motowearhouse used to work for Scorpion helmets? He did and that is why Motowearhouse is the most specialized source for Scorpion Sports. They stock, sell and service the entire line with a commitment to being the best resource available in America. Motowearhouse represents Scorpion as if it was factory itself. With all that being said, let’s hear what Randy Hyden has to say about Scorpion’s EXO-R710 helmet.

“The Scorpion EXO-R710 is a helmet that fills the gap between Scorpion’s entry-level street helmet, the EXO-R410 and the top-of-the-line EXO-R2000 racing helmet.

The R710 has a long intermediate oval shell shape with a more street-oriented fit around the bottom than the EXO-R2000 that was designed for track use. But the head shape of the EXO-R710 is more elongated than the entry-level EXO-R410 (which is best described as a round intermediate oval head form.) The material that Scorpion uses is a fiberglass and Aramid matrix composite. If you are not familiar with what Aramid is, it’s the generic name for for Kevlar.”

Randy added, “It’s important for the buyer to be aware that Scorpion uses a dual-density expanded polystyrene liner in the EXO-R710 to provide excellent energy absorption in the case of impact. What that means is there is a softer material on the outside and a denser material on the part that is closest to the skull. It may look like Styrofoam to the casual observer but in reality it’s the primary component of the helmet that makes the helmet safe. Similar to a shock absorber, softer is better for low speed hits and firmer is best for higher amounts of energy.”

Scorpion helmets have always been known as high quality at excellent prices, so this attention to detail makes sense. (Scorpion controls all of their own design and production, which helps shave costs and improves the quality.) Then Randy added in a few other details to help explain why the EXO-R710 is a premium helmet a at a value price.

“Scorpion was the first helmet manufacturer to offer an anti-fog face shield as a standard feature a helmet. Otters companies recognize ether benefit and will use a PinLock system but no one does a thermally bonded coating like Scorpion. That’s because its a proprietary process that Scorpion developed. It’s marketed as EverClear and it works so well that it comes with a one year guarantee.

In addiction to the EverClear face shield, the EXO-R710 uses an Ellip-Tec ratcheting system which is simply the easiest moving and most positive pivot system on a motorcycle helmet. If you ever get the opportunity, watch how the last detent pulls the face shield into the helmet, it moves back 7.4mm. This is significant because other brands like Shoei’s only move the face shield about half as much. So you get a nice tight seal to the eye port gasket and that makes fro a quieter helmet. Plus the Elip-Tec system allows the owner to remove and reinstall a face shield in about 10 seconds.”

The EXO-R710 comes with a fully removable and therefore washable comfort liner that Scorpion calls KwiKWick. Its also anti-microbial so not only does it wick away moisture but the stink too. There are also KwikFit cheek pads are all there and these not only allow for the wearer to easily put on his glasses while they ride but these also incorporate emergency cheek pad pulls to help an EMT to safely remove the helmet without straining the crash victim’s neck.

To help keep the weight down, Scorpion uses 3 shell sizes for the head size range. That means the XS and SM are the same shell. The MD and the LG share ether same shell and the XL, XXL, and XXL star ether same shell. Its a more expensive manufacturing process but this provides a proportional exterior size to the rider’s head. (Many manufacturers in this price range only use 2 shell sizes to keep costs down.)

The Scorpion EXO-R710 also has a five-year warranty and it meets the both DOT and Snell 2015 safety standards. Last, but certainly not the least is the price- the Scorpion EXO-R710 starts at just $189.95! Dare to compare… dollar-for-dollar Scorpion really does make the best helmets available in America and Motowearhouse is really the best choice when it comes time to buy the EXO-R710.


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