Motowearhouse is proud to offer the world’s most advanced motorcycle helmet- the 6DATS-1. So what makes this helmet so advanced? What’s the new technology that differentiates this helmets from such well-regarded brands like Arai or Shoei?

What makes the 6D ATS-1 different is an innovation called Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS), a patented “fully active, in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system.” It consists of two nested expanded polystyrene (EPS) closed-cell foam liners, an inner liner closely molded to fit the head and an outer liner molded to fit inside the outer shell that are connected by an array of strategically-placed, hourglass-shaped elastomer dampers, with a 7mm gap between the liners. The progressive spring-rate dampers allow the two EPS liners to move independently in six directions (up/down, side to side, forward and rearward) allowing the outer shell to move independently of the head. Upon impact, the liners are able to compress together and/or shear (shift laterally relative to each other) in any direction before they crush like the traditional EPS liners in other helmets, all of which absorbs and dissipates kinetic energy and reduces the amount of force transferred to the head.

Tests have shown that, compared to competing name-brand street helmets, the 6D ATS-1 helmet results in significantly less linear acceleration at low velocities (impacts that can cause concussions) and at high velocities (impacts that can cause severe TBIs or death). The ODS also results in significantly less angular acceleration (rotation) resulting from impacts occurring at indirect or oblique angles. This is particularly important because research has found that angular acceleration contributes to TBI’s more than linear acceleration.
Download the 6D test results (PDF 4.2MB)

The great thing about 6D’s ODS technology is that, except for a slightly larger outer shell to accommodate the dual-liner design, you’d never know it was there until you needed it. The ATS-1 doesn’t flex in any noticeable way. Also, due to its carbon-fiber shell, there’s not a major weight penalty; a 6D ATS-1 in size medium weighs only 3 pounds, 14.1 ounces.

An additional benefit of the ODS design is that the space between the dual liners allows air to flow throughout the helmet, and with multiple intake and exhaust vents, the ATS-1 is well ventilated. The helmet is comfortable enough to wear all day long and has all of the features you’d expect in a premium helmet: an EPS-lined chin bar; a scratch-resistant, UV-blocking, locking face shield that’s easy to remove without tools with a Pinlock anti-fog insert; a removable, washable comfort liner; integrated speaker pockets; removable breath guard and chin curtain; and emergency-release cheek pads.

On top of the added protection due to their patented technology, the ATS-1 looks amazing. In matte or gloss black carbon fiber or a white color the helmet just looks fast. As far as wind noise, the ATS-1 is up there with the best; it’s as quiet as any other helmet in this price range. 6D helmets have brought to market an innovation that has changed the motorcycle industry with their ODS technology.

We look forward to partnering with 6D at the 2016 International Motorcycle Show at the Long Beach Convention Center November 18th, 19th and 20th. I you are at the show, please come by and see for yourself why the 6D ATS-1 helmet is different from all the rest.

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