Motowearhouse likes the 6D ATR-1 helmet for a lot of reasons. First of all, it offers new technology called ODS which is very different from what you’ll find inside any other helmet.

ODS is a suspension system inside of the helmet that does a better job of progressively absorbing energy than a helmet that uses tradition methods of construction. The 6D ATR-1 helmet has two different density EPS liners separated by hour glass shaped polymers that act to absorb a wider variety of impacts than a regular helmet. 6D claims ODS reduces angular acceleration (rotational forces in event of cash) over normal helmets by 80 % in some cases. They state studies show angular acceleration causes concussions more than linear acceleration. According to 6D, tests show that ODS can reduce g-forces to the head by as much as 38% in low threshold impact energy situations (not necessarily low riding speeds). Concussions are also easily caused in these low threshold energy impact situations that a normal helmet isn’t designed to absorb.

The shell is made of advanced aerospace carbon fiber, composite fiberglass and Kevlar, so the ATR-1 displays high end build quality and top of the line fit & finish. Yes, the shell is larger than a typical helmet, this is unavoidable because it needs room for ODS and two EPS liners. It’s a small price for the added protection. The helmet is designed to exceed ECE and DOT standards, but not the stiff Snell standard that was developed for road racing. Download the 6D test results (PDF 4.2MB)

The Cool Max antibacterial fabric used in the helmet liner is soft against skin and wicks away moisture nicely and is designed to work with the internal ventilation system. You see, the 6D ATR-1 helmet also has what they call an “Air Gap” cooling system with 13 interior transfer ports, 8 intake ports and 5 exhaust ports. The helmet vents very well, probably better than any helmet we have ever used. It’s also because of the large eye port and large vents in the chin bar.

Sure the 6D ATR-1 is expensive, but if you can come up with the money we can not think of any reason why you wouldn’t buy the 6D ATR-1. You got a good head on your shoulders, so you should do everything you can to keep it that way. The 6D ATR-1 will protect your most valuable asset better in a crash than any other helmet available. Seriously. Others are trying to imitate but so far no one has come close.

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