It has now been 15 years since the day that changed everything. For most every American there are usually a few “I know exactly where I was” moments and one of them was where we were on 9/11.

For myself, I was in Las Vegas getting ready for my day as the assistant manager in the Parts Department of Desert Honda/Suzuki. Life was very good at that time as I had just moved in with my soon to be wife. I was filled with hope and a general sense of “everything is going to ok today”. That changed when I watched the first plane explode upon impact with the north tower of the World Trade Center. I was shocked, amazed, angry and frightened all in an instant. All I could say was, “Everything has changed today.” True as that is, now I can say that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Despite all the changes that have happened to me personally, to our nation, to communities around the world, there is still hope that everything is going to be ok today. Sure, just like 15 years ago there are bills to pay and there are problems that need to be solved. Regardless, we have a good reason to be grateful, we are alive. Not just hearts beating alive but an awareness that each moment is a special kind of alive. It’s an awareness that can happen in countless ways but one that regularly happens when we ride our motorcycles.

The heart beats a little harder when you twist your wrist. Breathing changes too. Senses come alive and the mind awakens with a focus on what line is best to take and when to shift into the next gear. Nothing is more important than what is happening at that moment. Call it being in “The Zone” or the “Power of Now”. Call it whatever you please but I really do hope you have experienced “It”.

Of course we will never forget the day everything changed. But we cannot change the past, only learn from it. Personally, 9/11 has taught me that the world can change in an instant and that every moment should be regarded as a special one. That event has shown that the human spirit is nothing short of amazing when stirred. There truly is greatness and goodness within us all. Please never forget that. When I do focus more on that Abiding Strength, all the reasons why we can’t do something slowly go away. Today we can have a good day because our minds, hearts and souls are wide awake to both the good, and the bad, in this world. Fear not for we are alive!

May God Bless You and May God Bless The United States of America,

Randy Hyden

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