The 2016 AMA EnduroCross Championship Series exploded inside the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, Georgia and Scorpion’s champion rider Colton Haaker fired the first shot in the fight for the championship.

Motowearhouse loves EnduroCross because it combines all of the elements of the toughest terrain imaginable and brings it inside a stadium. Fans can see all of the race action, not just one part of the track like in traditional Enduro Racing. And we are really excited to share with you that the winner of this week’s race just happens to wear a Scorpion EXO-R70 Helmet. That’s right, Scorpion Sports sponsored rider Colton Haaker has done it once again.

For those who followed Colton as captured his amazing SuperEnduro World Championship title earlier this year, another victory wasn’t a shock. “First place, first round so it is a good start to the season,” said Haaker. “When it comes to the main, I know how to get it done. I proved that at SuperEnduro and I want to be champion here.”

Motowearhouse thinks he can do it and we are eager to see Colton defend his SuperEnduro championship in 2017. However no one has to wait any longer than September 3rd to see him race in round two of the 2016 EnduroCross Series in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We look forward to letting you know how he does.

The Scorpion VX-R70 Helmet

The Scorpion VX-R70 Helmet is Colton’s choice for protection and comfort during his EnduroCross races probably because the VX-R70 has been engineered, tested and built to meet the elevated demands of the serious off road rider. For more details about the Scorpion VX-R70 Helmet Follow This Link then contact Motowearhouse and get yours today!

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