Motowearhouse Asks: Does the motorcycle world really need another store? We don’t think we need any more of those shops that have the same stuff as the others. Frankly, many of these types of retailers are slowly dying. Based upon our professional experience of over 30 years in the motorcycle industry, what’s needed in much more than just a store.

Much like rock and roll, we need to return to our roots. In a world filled with divas dealerships, motorcycle riders still want to go into a store and experience something that arouses enthusiasm and excitement. What we mean by that is a real reason not to just go into the store but something special enough to tell their friends that they need to go visit that shop too.

Motowearhouse is more than a store. We are a creating a community of likeminded motorcycle riders who want to return to those days when you saw the owner work behind the counter. You know his name and he knows your’s. The dog smiles at you and wags his tail when you walk by. The shop has the trick new stuff you have only seen pictures of. And you know he will not just give you the best price but the best advice.

Of course we can’t live the past. We have to look to the future. Motowearhouse features innovative brands like 6D helmets, which utilizes a revolutionary patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) inside every helmet. Each 6D helmet incorporates a fully active, in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system.

The goal was simple for the team at 6D helmets; to design a helmet that reduces energy transfer to the brain over a much broader range of energy demands, including LOW, MID and HIGH-VELOCITY impacts for both linear and angular accelerations. They succeeded and the technology works so well that many in the off-road arena are trying to copy it but none have come close. And on the street side of things, no one has anything that can even be compared. There simply is no other helmet technology that can provide 6D’s combined energy management benefits.

Motowearhouse is also the preferred stocking dealer for Bull-It jeans in southern California. If you have not yet heard of these motorcycle riding jeans, you should. These jeans are tested and proven to hold together and keep the rider safe better than any other. The Bull-It SR4 and SR6 jeans have superior abrasion and cut resistance. (S4 jeans are designed to protect for 4 seconds; SR6 for 6 seconds.) Seriously; 4 and 7 seconds are long times for any one part of the body to remain in contact with the road surface during a crash but these jeans do hold up. Plus the textiles used in Bull-It jeans are made of high performance yarn and this offers besides the superior strength, a nice soft feel.

Speaking of comfort, Motowearhouse stocks more Moto-Skiveez than anyone else in all of California. (Every size of Moto-Skiveez complete line-up; shorts, socks and shirts, are kept in stock). These motorcycle riding shorts are the most technically advanced undergarment available for motorcycling.

Truly, Moto-Skiveez® innovative designs will improve your riding comfort. Moto-Skiveez has developed three distinct garments for different riding styles. We have defined those styles as; SPORT, a forward leaning position experienced on sport bikes, ADVENTURE, an upright position experienced on most dual sport or dirt bikes and CRUISER, a relaxed position experienced by riding most cruiser style motorcycles. Moto-Skiveez® offer a unique solution specific to each of these riding styles.

Each pad in the Moto-Skiveez shorts is specifically designed to interface seamlessly with the rider’s area of seating contact according to their style of motorcycle. Additionally the pads are engineered to inhibit irritation caused from the different forces a rider may experience from riding that style of motorcycle. Each style of pad is also comprised of different foam densities and shapes. Theses shapes and densities are specific to the contact area for each of the three defined riding styles. The specific combination has been optimized to provide maximum comfort for that particular riding position. So you ride more miles and are happier while you twist your wrist. Certainly Motowearhouse wants you to be happy, and that’s why we do something pretty unique for a motorcycle store in California; we sell previously enjoyed motorcycle riding gear.

Motowearhouse buys and sells, trades and consigns, brand new and previous enjoyed motorcycle riding gear for all types of riders. Good gear at great prices. Brands like Alpinestar, Fox Racing, Gaerne, Sidi, AXO, TXC, Oxtar, Icon, Fly, One Industries, Alias, are in stock today and you can have them for about half of what you would pay at any other store. Plus we will also be happy help you sell your stuff too. That’s why our Grand Opening Event on Sunday, September 18th will allow you to come, set up your own booth and let you sell your motorcycle or motorcycle parts or or riding gear. For free!

So in addition to feeding you with some tasty free food, letting you meet the foxy MotoGirls, Motowearhouse will be giving away Scorpion helmets and street apparel, Fox helmets and dirt apparel, premium leather cruiser jacket, we are also empowering you to make money! Why? Because we think you need more money. If you do too, email us at or call (951) 547-4305. We will reserve a spot for you. (Please know that we ask you to only bring motorcycle related products; the old lawn mower is for your garage sale.)

So come on by our shop on Sunday September 18th and see for yourself why Motowearhouse is much more than a store. Festivities start at 8 in the morning and will go on all day. We look forward to meeting you.

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