Do you remember a time back in the day when rules where few? When riding a motorcycle was what every kid wanted to do? This was a time when Southern California had great places and great races that attracted the attention of the entire world.

Deserts and mountains and city streets were open and inviting. Good times indeed! Nothing will ever erase those great days and Motowearhouse is working together with Fasthouse to not just preserve these awesome memories but to help create some new ones too!

To that end, Motowearhouse is proud to feature a special selection of Fasthouse Riding Apparel for men, women and kids. Motowearhouse has everything Fasthouse available; pants, jerseys, hats and t-shirts.

Fasthouse Motorcycle Apparel From Motowearhouse

We Are Loud And We Are Proud!

You see much like Fasthouse, Motowearhouse is here to help you represent a lifestyle that is dynamic, energized and full of passion for motorcycles and motorcycle racing – be it motocross, flat track, racing across the desert or simply riding the Ortega Highway on a weekend. We love anything with a motor that’s fast and loud. That’s our favorite way to have fun and if you’re the same way too, you are in the right place. We are loud and we are proud.

It’s the way we are because we are born and bred here in America and that’s one of the key reasons why we stock Fasthouse; they are the only motorcycle apparel manufacturer who makes all of their jerseys here in the United States of America.

We also recognize that the Fasthouse crew is not just a representation but more the embodiment of the spirit of the motorcycle life. Seriously. Today it really seems like everyone is trying to capture the look and feel of days gone by, but only a few have the history needed to make modern day motocross gear like the sport’s early days. We believe that what it takes to achieve the real deal is being in the right places at the right times, having a first-hand look at the iconic moments that are relived for years to come, and the passion to share every detail.

One of those guys who was there when its all happened is the founder of Fasthouse; Kenny Alexander. This is a man who was born and raised in motorcycle racing. Kenny rose through the ranks of amateur flat track racing before becoming a stuntman (He’s has done stunts in blockbusters like Ironman 2, The Fast and The Furious, and The Matrix Reloaded), and then founding the iconic Red Bull A Day in the Dirt race event.

Now Kenny is making the best motorcycle riding gear on earth. Truly, he uses only the best fabrics, sewn in a way that makes for durable and comfortable off-road riding gear. Sure the style is what catches your eye but the feel of this riding gear is what will make you want to put it on your back and on your butt.

Fasthouse has the nostalgic vibe of racing motorcycles in a care-free time, and also offers some of the coolest casual apparel you’ll find anywhere. Fast House really has the soul of our sport!

For more information about Fasthouse riding gear or to purchase any Fasthouse apparel, please call Motowearhouse at (951) 547-4305 or email

Better yet, if you are in SoCal, come on by and visit the Motowearhouse store in Corona and see the Fasthouse difference for yourself.

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