The new Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet from Motowearhouse is pretty impressive. Some have called it the “Swiss Army Knife of helmets”. Motowearhouse would like to refer to the EXO-AT950 as the helmet that meets all the needs of the touring and adventure touring community. Certainly Scorpion has done a great job of meeting the needs of those who desire a modular helmet with a removable external face shield, an internal drop-down tinted sun visor, and costs under $300.

All that being said, perhaps one of the most unique features is a removable peak visor that allows for conversion into a sport touring helmet. That’s right. Without tools, you can remove the aerodynamic peak visor and then install the included side covers over the pivot areas, transforming the EXO-AT950 into what Scorpion calls the touring mode which is another way of describing an aerodynamic touring helmet. The AT950 is relatively quiet and quieter than most flip-ups, which do tend to transmit more noise than full-face helmets due to the design. (The generous padding and the snug fit along the sides certainly help in this regard. The AT950 comes with an installed chin curtain, which helps to control noise from underneath)

If you are riding with your EXO-950 in extremely dusty conditions, you can choose to not install the anti-fog external face shield and use your favorite googles instead. The eye port was designed specifically to work with all the popular brands of off-road goggles. So simple and functional.

Like the Scorpion EXO-GT920, the EXO-AT950 has an internal drop down Speedview® sunvisor that’s appreciated as lighting conditions change throughout the day. What may not be as easily noticed is that the internal drop down Speedview® sunvisor is coated with Scorpion’s proven proprietary EverClear® coating. This thermally bonded treatment is applied to both sides for a fog free ride. With the face shield closed, the eye port seals along the top and sides with a gasket and it passes our water entry test.

Motowearhouse has ridden in helmets with EverClear® coating on the external face shield for over 11 years now. Experience has shown us that it works well and Scorpion believes in it enough to guarantee its performance for a year. The EXO AT-950 has an optically-clear shield with this state-of-the art fog free technology. It also has an anti-scratch hardened coating with 100% UV protection.

What about the other end of the spectrum? What about riding in the heat? The Scorpion EXO-AT950 has a dual position mouth vent and large intake port at the top of the helmet force cool air in through deep air flow channels while 2 large exhaust vents maximize movement of hot air out. Combine this with the KwikWick II® Anti-Microbial Liner and it a very comfortable helmet. (The anti-microbial KwikWick II® fabric keeps you cool and dry in warm weather, warm in cool weather.) Liner is easily removable and washable. Be aware that the fit is snug, so it may be smaller than expected. You may have to move up one size larger than normal. Contact Motowearhouse if you have any questions. (The Scorpion EXO-GT950 is lightly narrower than “Neutral” on top but with tight cheek pads making it “Narrow” along the bottom half.) The Scorpion EXO-GT920 and the AT950 use the same shell, which is made in 3 shell sizes to span the size range, although the head size range on both is greater than usual for a flip-up, from a tiny XS to a massive 3XL. The AT950 in size large weighs 1815 grams (4 lbs., 0.0 oz.) which is par for the course when you compared to the other dual-sport modular helmets like the expensive Schubert E1 or the Caberg Tourmax (1803 grams and 1775 grams respectively.)

At its $269.95 list price, the Scorpion AT950 is a bargain. It’s based on the excellent Scorpion EXO-GT920 flip-up, which is also a good buy. Compared to the other dual-sport modular helmets like the expensive Schubert E1 or the Caberg Tourmax, the high quality Scorpion EXO-AT950 is an incredible value. You get to choose how you spend your money but its difficult to justify spending hundreds of dollars more for comparable helmet.

If you’re looking for a dual-sport flip-up helmet, the Scorpion EXO-AT950 from Motowearhouse is the one to get.

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