Once upon a time the classic leather biker jacket worn by Marlon Brando was the standard of motorcycle protection.  And still to this day remains an iconic style piece for anyone who wears it. In fact many people enjoy wearing biker gear without even owning a motorcycle. Look at the Ramones!

Motorcycle riding gear is really a huge a part of motorcycle riding as the ride itself.  You’ll need to ensure that your gear keeps you safe and that it’s comfortable.  And of course you’ll want to look good while you do it. That’s were Scorpion Sports comes in. They have consulted women who ride thousands of miles every year on what is important to a lady who rides an American V-Twin.

Riding in the cold, extreme heat or a downpour of rain can be distracting to your focus to the road. And it sure makes for one unpleasant ride if you’re not prepared with good gear. Our guidelines here will help you make the best choices for your particular riding lifestyle. And once your initial investment is achieved, you’ll be set for more than a few years!

Each type of riding discipline has it’s own special range of gear but there are some basics for you to consider:

The Gear Essentials Include:

  • Helmet (Rated DOT, Snell, ECE)
  • Jacket – Armor in elbows, shoulders and an internal back protector.
  • Pants – With armor in knees and hip area; good flexibility. SAS TEC is the best.
  • Sturdy Boots – Covers your ankles, no laces, provide a solid footing when you come to a traffic light.
  • Gloves – Leather is best and they should cover past wrist bone. Leather palms minimal and they should be flexible enough for ease of working the control.

Leather has always been and still is today the best established material for protection when riding your cruiser. If you can afford it, wear as much leather as you can from the neck on down. It’s tough, and performs like a reinforced second skin; its longevity is well worth the price. You can choose modern or retro classic styles from Scorpion Sports.

One drawback to leather is that it isn’t waterproof and will become heavier when exposed to water. Leather gets hot in the summer so make sure its fully vented like the Scorpion’s Catalina jacket is. Also double check for a removable thermal liner (not just the vest) as even behind a big windscreen it can get cold running down the road. Don’t miss out on any miles because you have the wrong motorcycle clothing.

So when trying on jackets and pants or leather suits, be sure to sit on motorcycle like the one you ride. A Harley-Davidson is different than a GSX-R. This will give you a much more realistic feel to the clothing and what you can expect when riding. Arms and legs need to be longer in the riding position, so look for such things as the sleeves covering your wrists when you are holding your arms out. Does the jacket ride up at the bottom of your back? A good motorcycle jacket like Scorpion’s Vixen is cut for the riding position. Can you turn your head freely for those traffic checks over the shoulder? And make sure you have room for warm clothes underneath if you need extra layers.

It’s your choice to ride without proper motorcycle gear. However, keep in mind that a t-shirt and Levi’s jeans will probably be shredded from your body if you go down on asphalt.

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