Since the first Harley-Davidson roared on this earth, riders have used leather to help guard them from what wants to hurt them. There’s just something very tribal about wearing animal skin, something that is a part of our ancestral DNA. It feels good to be a savage. And today’s V-Twin riders may still feel that connection; riding American iron is an intoxicating mix of motion, excitement, danger combined with the basic need for protection against wind, cold, rain, and well… sometimes even against asphalt.

Few materials can offer the abrasion and wind resistance that animal hide has been providing for centuries. In fact, it was only a generation or so ago that there was basically only two styles of motorcycle jackets: the standard police style with lots of zippers, and the bomber jacket that fighter pilots wore into combat.

The motorcycle jacket has evolved over the years and is no longer considered a garment worn only by thugs, punks or heavy metal rockers. The cruiser jacket, for instance, is a style that is good looking on and off the bike. But know that the difference between a casual jacket and a riding jacket is the armor and the cut; sleeves are rotated forward and the back of the jacket is lowered so it doesn’t ride up in when seated on the bike. the quality of the leather much high due to the inherent need for abrasion protection. All this gives a riding jacket some serious function to go along with the form.

All major motorcycle factories seem to have their own private label brand of biker-wear and Scorpion sports parent company Kido at one time or the other has made leather jackets for just about every premium brand you will find. Now of course some will fit and work better than others for you. Your choice of jacket brand or style depends on your body type, how much you want to advertise a brand’s name and what kind of riding you do. Jackets from Harley-Davidson or Victory tend to have a design that fit roomier since Americans tend to be bigger than the rest of the world. This is called in the motorcycle industry the “Milwaukee cut”. It’s much more roomier than a European-cut jacket from Triumph or Ducati.

There are also a bunch of aftermarket jacket companies out there, many who offer high-quality riding jackets like the Scorpion 1909. Just as many of these companies offer entry-level gear as well, so take some time to compare the features, the thickness of the leather, if cotton or nylon thread is used and how it is stitched together. Look at the quality of craftsmanship, so you can make a purchasing decision that allows you to get the best jacket for your budget. Inquire about the leather jackets guarantee; Scorpion Sports offers a 5 year warranty on all leather jackets. That means they have built to last much longer and in the long run will be a better value. Pay close attention to the size charts too. Don’t underestimate your measurements and when in doubt choose a size bigger, so you can layer or utilize a jacket liner, if necessary. You need protection against the elements as well as the concrete below.

Speaking of protection; not all armor is create equal. Armor is, of course, critical. If the armor is worth buying it’s CE rated. There’s CE level 1, 2, and 3. Most things are Level one rated which is a hell of a lot better than nothing but you really want to shoot for two because it transmits one half as much energy to you upon impact. Level three is for racing and I have yet to encounter any consumer level stuff that’s rated level 3.

Padding is not armor. There are a lot of motorcycle jackets out there with a little foam padding down over your spine. This is totally useless. It doesn’t hurt to have, but it doesn’t help either.

Jackets will typically have shoulder, elbow, and fore-arm armor. Which leaves your spine and chest unprotected… hell, who needs a spine or internal organs! But know that armor will not always help you in a crash. Nothing is totally bullet-proof. However, people have been throw off and having some strong impact absorbing armor along your spinal column, shoulders and forearms is definitely going to help when gravity tries to take you down.

We sell only SAS-TEC armor because its the best. You can read more about it here.

The SAS-TEC jacket armor is available as an accessory for Scorpion’s Covert Pro jeans, the original Covert jeans, and the Covert flannel shirt. It’s included when you buy the men’s 1909 jacket or the women’s Catalina jacket. And if you want to upgrade what you are currently wearing, SAS-Tec armor can be used to improve the protection of what’s worn by motorcyclists including genuine Harley Davidson, genuine Indian and genuine Victory jacket and pants. That is just as long as there are pockets in place for the placement of the armor.

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