Having ridden with the Scorpion Yukon pants since they were introduced and I’ve have found them to be really comfortable and well thought out. The designer obviously knew what he was doing. The Yukon pant is the rugged, ballistic, adventurous companion to the Yukon adventure jacket. (These pants are using the same waterproof/breathable Exo-Dry™ laminated 500-denier nylon exterior fabric and 1680 nylon reinforcing fabrics as the Yukon jacket) Scorpion’s tough 1680-denier nylon material fully covers the knees and seat for those times when you just want to take a break and rest on a boulder and take in the view, or when you have to crawl around on the side of the road fixing a flat – no one needs to worry about these pants — they’ll hold up. The guides at MotoQuest think so too as these are the only riding pants that they ride in. (Kevin Hagerty from MotoQuest calls the Yukon pants and jacket “equipment” and of course when you are out in Alaska with nothing but your adventure bike and the grizzly bears, you have to use equipment you can trust.)

While seated on the motorcycle you can access cargo pockets without anything falling out.And the Yukon’s pockets are large enough to carry extra gloves or tools. Love the that the strategically located leg vents work to dump heat when the riding gets hard. (Vent zippers can also be opened or closed while seated too.) The stretch accordion gussets at the knees and waistband assure that the Yukon pants allow for a full range of motion. The crotch area has just the right amount of stretch material for a comfortable, all day in the saddle fit. They’re a protective adventure pant so they could be cooler in hotter temps but I’ll trade that for protection any day. Speaking of protection, the SAS-Tec armor that Scorpion uses is very comfortable.

These are not designed to be an over-pant, so on cooler days wear a base layer underneath. The lower legs fit well over boots as well, Velcro holds very well and is positioned correctly too. Scorpion placed some large leather reinforcements on the inner knee all the way down to the ankle help grip the fuel tank in aggressive riding scenarios, or maybe prevent melting fabric on hot exhausts…because, well, it’s happened to the best of us. Scorpion used a really solid metal hook closure at the waistband so I don’t worry about snaps popping open; like that a lot as I’m not as skinny as I used to be when I began riding some 30 years ago. Also like that Scorpion positioned some large patches of NightViz® reflective material on the bottom of the pant cuffs and on the thigh. The reflective panels flow with the lines of the pants. In my ever so humble opinion, these britches look really good!

Bottom line is that there’s a whole lot of adventure pant here for a price under $360.

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