After wearing a much heavier helmet for several years, this Scorpion EXO-T1200 is a refreshing experience. It weighs in at right around 3.5 pounds, and due to the aerodynamic helmet shell almost feels like I’m riding with nothing on my head. I don’t feel wind resistance at aggressive highway speeds or when looking to change lanes. The new KwikWick III liner material is sooo soft and smooth. It’s almost like helmet lingerie. The head shape is a long oval, so for me there aren’t any uncomfortable pressure points. I have done 500 mile days and have no problem wearing this all day long. The helmet has a really good, snug fit, but the Airfit Pump System really improves it. All I need to do is a couple of pumps after putting the thing on fills up some dead space that you may not realize was in there. Should they be needed, the contoured cheek pads have an emergency release system in the event that they need to be removed by emergency personnel. Hopefully nothing like will ever be necessary, but it’s good to have should it be needed.

The airflow is good. The air is guided through channels that directly expose the air through 6 holes directly to my head inside the helmet. Scopion’s innovative VSV™ (Venturi Super Vent) System was specially designed and wind-tunnel tested to increase the venturi effect, a creation of negative air pressure. The two intake ports both serve a separate function, the first draws cool air into the helmet interior while the second draws cool air across the three exhaust ports. As the second intake port passes air through the graduated super vent air channel, it accelerates the flow of air over the three exhaust ports, thus increasing the venturi effect which will draw more warm air out of the helmet interior. When I take the helmet off, I can see my hair has been blown by the wind. Its that much air flow!

A lever on the side of the helmet, and sun-visor drops right down in front of my face. And Scorpion has made the sun visor height adjustable so that it can be tweaked for your riding posture. There are 3 adjustment positions to make it fit just right. The tint and UV blocking is about perfect. No eye strain, visual clarity is perfect.

At $309.95, you’re looking at around $300 less than the similarly featured Shoei GT Air. When you can pick up high quality for that price point it is well worth considering. The GT Air is a good helmet, but frankly, so is the T1200.

Visit the Scorpion EXO-T1200 Helmet product page for more information

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