People who ride motorcycles are generally pretty rugged. They don’t concern themselves too much with getting knocked down. But most every rider knows that they should expect the unexpected. Things happen. Fast. And sometimes having your armor on allows you to fight another battle. To live to ride another day. Point is, just because you ride iron doesn’t mean you are made of steel.

Scorpion has built into all of their gear pockets for armor. And Motowearhouse sells the finest armor made; SAS-TEC. It’s made in Germany and employs an “intelligent” foam to provide the best possible impact protection. 

The CE-approved intelligent foam used in SAS-TEC armor functions progressively by adapting it’s level of impact absorption proportionally to the force of the impact. It dissipates energy more effectively and comfortably than anything else currently on the market…

Due to the entire foam construction of the armor, the rider is not limited in their range of movement as much as with hard shell armor. At the same time the foam is of a lighter weight by volume than that of hard shell armor and has no hard edges. SAS-Tec armor also has a built-in memory effect that allows it to return to its original shape after a deformation. Meaning it will flex with your movements and return to its original form.

Most of the unique features of this armor are due to its closed cell construction. The closed cell design allows for the progressive impact absorption due to the air trapped within the armor. A slow loading of pressure on the foam allows for it to feel soft and pliable as the air has time to move, while a severe impact will cause the armor to become more resilient. The closed cell construction also is what allows the armor to be washable, by resisting the absorption of water. Ingenious!

 The armor is constructed from polyurethane foam that has been molded into ergonomic shapes that allow for the best possible level of coverage and protection. Both men’s and women’s shoulder, backs, knees and hips can have the finest protection made.

The SAS-TEC jacket armor kit is available as an accessory for the Covert Pro Jeans, the Original Covert Jeans, the Covert Flannel Shirt. It’s included when you buy the Men’s 1909 Leather Jacket or the Women’s Catalina Leather Jacket. And if you want to upgrade what you are currently wearing, SAS-Tec armor can be used to improve the protection of what’s worn by motorcyclists including genuine Harley Davidson, genuine Indian and genuine Victory jacket and pants, as long as there are pockets in place for the placement of the armor.

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